Healthcare organisations will have to adapt and pivot to new and innovative ways of delivering healthcare services to remain relevant and to survive.  Read our whitepaper to learn how the healthcare sector can drive innovation through intelligent funding.


    Healthcare Technology Whitepaper

    About The Whitepaper

    This paper outlines the state of digital health in Australia and explores how hospitals and specialist clinics can tap into digitalisation opportunities efficiently by making future-oriented investments in technology and staff, and identifies how an innovative investment strategy can accelerate the transformation journey for healthcare services.  

    The paper contains relevant research on how technology is used for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and health conditions of Australians, and includes case studies for how health services have leveraged an innovative funding model to enable them to acquire the technology they need to drive innovations and continue their digitalisation journey. 

    A special thought leadership piece kindly provided by Ray Van Kuyk, Chief Information and Services Officer at Austin Health is included and is an insightful commentary on how technology innovations are changing the way health services are delivered.