Join us for a live panel discussion on the 24th of November at 10:30 am AESDT

    As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, it placed healthcare services both internationally and locally firmly in the spotlight. Health services and hospitals across Australia performed a monumental nationwide effort and mobilised tens of thousands of healthcare workers, scientists and manufacturers to prepare Australia to deal with the pandemic.

    Through tough lockdown and social distancing measures, the curve has flattened, and our healthcare systems are beginning to return to something that resembles normal. There are, however, fundamental changes that this pandemic has imposed on Australia’s entire health system. We predict these changes will drive significant advancement in digital health as a result.

    One of the questions that public and private hospitals and specialist clinics will need to consider as Australia emerges from the pandemic, is how to continue to invest in the latest technology and continue their digitalisation journey in a challenging economic climate.

    We will ask our panel to share their thoughts on how the pandemic caused the healthcare sector to accelerate their digital transformation plans and what the challenges and opportunities for the years ahead.

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