The Asset Advantage™

    Take control of your technology fleet with Equigroup’s innovative lease and asset management system. See the full picture, know your portfolio. 


    Maximising your technology investment

    Keeping up with technology involves a considerable investment.
    To maximise return and minimise risk you need to know what you have, where it is and when it is due for renewal. TheAssetAdvantage™ helps you take on this challenge by giving you visibility and control over your technology equipment.  With comprehensive financial reporting and easy to use online workflows to acquire, manage and retire your assets. 

    With intuitive search tools, TheAssetAdvantage™ brings instant access to all of your asset details to your browser.  Quickly find your assets and create comprehensive and customised reporting. Easily track asset new lease contracts and End of Lease processes.  

    Cost Centre Accounting
    TheAssetAdvantage™ assists with your budget process by providing a configurable account structure allowing you to allocate assets to Regions, Divisions and Cost Centres and generate reports at the Cost Centre level. This visibility enables accurate planning of future strategic expenditure.

    Financial reporting and auditing is built into TheAssetAdvantage™. A comprehensive financial report suitable for auditing purposes, including lease amortisation and asset depreciation, is available on demand.

    Detailed asset portfolio information

    Mitigate risk and improve efficiency with:
    • An online asset database, providing you with a single source of information for all of your assets.
    • Fast searches over your entire fleet including contractual information, procurement information, asset information and additional custom fields.
    • Data can be exported to, or integrated with, other systems to avoid data entry errors and to include non-networked assets in other systems.

    Simple lease origination process

     Leasing made simple so you can see it all:
    • Submit your invoices to us and we will enter in all the asset level details
    • View all new asset finance orders online.
    • Add additional asset information and attributes online after settlement

     Self service end of lease processes with full visibility

    All End of Lease options can be managed online and in real-time:
    • Manage returns, extensions and purchase of leased assets.
    • Online quoting and purchase of leased assets.
    • Generate quotes and accept your own lease extensions.
    • Generate shipping forms for returns.
    • View the status of your returned equipment through to disposal.