Sustainability is top of mind for businesses, policymakers, investors and consumers. One of the biggest ESG-related issues facing Australian organisations is the drastic and rapid shift to the digital environment.

    Read our whitepaper to learn how making smarter technology investments can help businesses achieve their ESG goals. 


    whitepaper about incorporating esg in technology strategy

    About The Whitepaper

    According to PwC, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) compliance is one of the most important challenges facing Australian companies across all industries. Now more than ever, businesses are under more pressure to validate their ESG reporting and investors are asking more questions.

    This whitepaper explores how Australian organisations can achieve sustainability goals by managing their technology efficiently and sustainably. Gain insight into:

    • The impact of technology on the environment
    • How to reduce your IT carbon footprint
    • How joining the circular economy is an ESG-growth enabler
    • Ensuring compliance throughout the technology lifecycle

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