Device Data Security checklist for the education sector

    Education institutions handle enormous amounts of sensitive
    information about students and faculty. Keeping this data safe can be difficult for institutions that are not up to date with the latest and most robust data security tools and strategies. Use the device data security checklist to identify potential vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement in your data security strategy. 


    Data Security checklist for schools

    About The Checklist

    The device data security checklist is a tool for educational institutions to assess and strengthen their device data security strategies. By following this checklist, you can evaluate your existing security measures, identify potential vulnerabilities, and implement proactive measures to protect your data, students and faculty. It serves as a roadmap for schools, TAFEs, universities and colleges to foster a secure technology landscape.

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    How we can help

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    Data Security Webinar



    • Current threats and challenges educational institutions are facing
    • Opportunities for enhancing data management strategies
    • Human error prevention and mitigation tactics
    • Where to invest in 2023 and beyond