Lifecycle management Services

    We offer a comprehensive set of solutions around end user IT devices. From deployment to disposal, you can integrate our services into your finance contract. 


    Integrate services into your monthly payment

    We are equipment finance specialists and technology managers.  We handle sophisticated technology investments for our customers and are the glue that holds together an end to end solution enabled by a monthly payment.

    Our industry leading cloud-based lease management platform TheAssetAdvantage provides control and transparency over the technology lifecycle from deployment through to decommissioning.

     We are vendor agnostic, so you choose the supplier or brand you want, and we will work with them to ensure your installation process is smooth.

    Since remarketing equipment is our core capability, we can take away your old devices and resell them in the secondary market. If they have a net positive value, we could return this value to you as a cash injection for your IT budget.  

    We can provide services to manage your rollout and deliver support, or can work with your existing partners to integrate theirs into our solution.

    At end of life, we can help you retire and return your equipment in a safe and secure manner, with minimal disruption to business. Equipment that is financed by us is returned to our specialist technology service partners for remarketing.

    All of our services can be offered on a single monthly payment per device.

    Keep your devices up to date

    By using a Rental solution, you’ll have access to the latest technology, with the flexibility to upgrade at the end of the term. We take care of equipment disposal ensuring adherence to the strictest data security and environmental standards. With built-in flexibility, you can avoid being stuck with out-dated or unreliable equipment, and get the benefit of new technology sooner.

     Reduce technology ownership costs

    Technology assets involve a considerable investment. To maximise return and minimise the risk of any additional costs, you need to know what you have, where it is, and when it is due for renewal. It is estimated that unmanaged assets more than double the total cost of ownership. Much of this can be avoided by having the right information. Equigroup offers leading asset management tools and services to optimise your technology investment.

    This way you can track and manage your technology equipment effectively.

    By renting, you can avoid the costs involved with owning rapidly-depreciating equipment. Instead, we take on the risks of ownership, and you pay for using the equipment over the term of the agreement.