DAta Security Webinar: Keeping Data Secure in the Education Sector

    Get to know Equigroup
    For over 30 years, Equigroup has helped Australian businesses and educational institutions securely and efficiently manage their technology investments via intelligent finance structures, innovative tools and seamless lifecycle management services.

    With decades of experience in all levels of education, Equigroup are market leaders in education technology finance. Beyond finance, the company supports organisations manage their technology landscapes with secure and efficient lifecycle services and their complimentary asset management system, TheAssetAdvantage®.

    Equigroup is a DET preffered ICT leasing supplier for Victorian schools. The company is a part of the International CHG-MERIDIAN Group, one of the internationally leading independent technology managers in the IT, industrial, and healthcare technology sectors.

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    Partnering with CommBank
    Equigroup is the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s (CommBank) technology finance specialist. Having worked with Commbank since 1998, our partnership enables us to provide technology financing solutions that include asset management and residual value investment to a broad range of customers in the Australian market.

    We work with Commbank to provide flexibility that allows our customers respond effectively to changing conditions and improve the efficiency of their balance sheet through intelligent structured finance solutions.

    Having such a strong financing partner gives Equigroup customers peace of mind that their equipment financing is competitive and reliable.