Webinar: Data Security 

    Keeping data secure in the education sector

     Watch to learn about the current and potential data security risks, challenges and opportunities for organisations in the education sector. Walk away with knowledge to keep students, faculty and data safe.    

    Education institutions handle enormous amounts of sensitive information about students and faculty. Many are challenged with a lack of resources to manage their data effectively and are not up to date with the latest and most robust data security tools and strategies. This creates challenges in managing data effectively, creating and maintaining a secure and up-to-date environment and ensuring compliance.  Schools, universities and TAFEs alike must ensure that their information is safeguarded by taking proactive measures to protect their data.

    Watch a webinar on the challenges and opportunities in data security for the education sector. Walk away with the knowledge to strengthen your data security strategy.

    Key topics covered by the panel:

    • The current threats and challenges educational institutions are facing
    • The opportunities for enhancing data management strategies
    • Human error prevention and mitigation tactics
    • Security implications of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
    • Where to invest in 2023 and beyond

    Data Security Webinar



    Amy Reynolds

    Amy Reynolds

    Executive Manager, Solution and Governance, APCD

    Amy Reynolds is the Executive Manager, Solution and Governance at technology lifecycle company APCD, with over 15 years of experience in service delivery. With expertise in ICT deployments, in-life management, and retirement, she understands the data security risks that can arise at each stage of the technology lifecycle and what is required to maintain compliance. Amy recently completed a master’s degree in Information Security Governance Frameworks (High Distinction) at Deakin University. Amy and Jay’s soon-to-be-published collaborative research paper explores the importance of integrating information security governance and risk management practices for Australian educational institutions. Amy looks forward to sharing her research and knowledge into best practice data security

    Dr Jay Jeong

    Dr Jay Jeong

    Senior Research Fellow, Cybersecurity Cooperative Research Centre

    Dr Jongkil Jay Jeong (BCom Otago, MIS/PhD Eng. Melb) is a Senior Research Fellow for the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CyberCRC) and external lecturer in Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne. In addition to his academic experience, he has extensive industry experience, from serving as the Managing Director of Elegant Minds – a digital advisory company to creating one of New Zealand’s first commercial wireless networks. Considered one of the foremost authorities on human factors in cyber security and cyber risk, Jay’s work has been published and presented in leading academic and mainstream media outlets and advising both public and private sectors on matters pertaining to cyber security. Dr Jay has recently collaborated with fellow speaker Amy on a paper exploring the critical nature of security governance and risk management practices in the education sector. He looks forward to sharing his insights into the human elements of cybersecurity and ways to protect your organisation from the ever-increasing cyber threat landscape.

    Adrian Lennard

    Adrian Lennard

    Chief Operating Officer and Company Secretary, Luther College

    Adrian Lennard is the Chief Operating Officer and Company Secretary at Luther College. Prior to this position, he served as the Assistant General Counsel at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and as Vice President, Legal Counsel at Credit Suisse.  Adrian has acted as a representative on industry committees, including the Australian Financial Markets Association (2005 – 2009; 2012-2018) and chaired the Attorney-General’s Personal Property Securities Working Group (2009-2010). Throughout his career, Adrian has worked closely with taxation, accounting, business strategy, change management, project management and marketing professionals. Adrian’s vast experience means he understands what is required to protect organisations from data breaches and ensure compliance. Adrian looks forward to sharing his insights into data security, including effective data management strategies and what his school is doing to keep their data, students and faculty protected.