Webinar: Sustainable Business

    Sustainability shapes our future growth

     Watch a webinar on the way forward for sustainable business and tackling ESG challenges.

    Australian businesses are being held accountable by investors, employees, and partners for their environmental and social impacts. Digitalisation and technology are major contributors to climate change. More and more technology equipment is in use worldwide, and technological innovations continually encourage new acquisitions.

     Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) compliance is one of the most important challenges facing Australian companies across all industries. According to PWC, businesses are under more pressure to validate their ESG reporting, and investors are asking more questions.

    Watch Equigroup’s, CommBank’s partner for technology finance, webinar to learn about how organisations can operate more sustainably, overcoming ESG challenges , and why sustainability is a growth enabler.

    Watch the webinar to gain insights into:

    • Local and international perspectives on the current state and future of sustainable business
    • Emerging sustainable procurement trends in Europe
    • Why organisations need to be prepared to have their ESG credentials for future growth
    • Technology solutions for more sustainable business models

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    Learn how sustainability could impact the future of your business and what steps you can take now to drive ESG outcomes.




    Executive Manager ESG, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    Camilla is Executive Manager of ESG in CommBank’s Business Bank. She leads a team that designs and executes strategic Environmental and Social initiatives within Business Bank. Prior to joining CommBank she worked in EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services team in both Australia and the United States, focusing on supporting clients to develop and execute sustainability strategies.


    Group Sustainability Officer, CHG-MERIDIAN

    Matthias Steybe has worked in sustainability roles for more than two decades. His sustainable business career began at Daimler AG/Mercedes-Benz in 2001, where Matthias and his team successfully shifted the company’s corporate reporting into efficient integrated sustainability reporting and implemented a Sustainability Board and Office Structure  to manage environmental, social and governance issues on an international level.

    Matthias joined CHG-MERIDIAN in 2012. In early 2020, he became the company’s first Group Sustainability Officer (GSO). Since then, CHG-MERIDIAN have been awarded silver medals in the EcoVadis assessments, become an active member of the Global Compact to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, become a carbon neutral company, and successfully placed ESG-linked loans

    Kamila Hutchison

    Kamila Hutchison

    Head of Marketing and Communications, Equigroup

    Kamila Hutchison has been working within the circular economy for over 20 years. Kamila was Director of Remarketing at HP Financial Services, responsible for the environmentally responsible disposal of all returned equipment in Asia Pacific. Kamila founded the HP Asset Recovery Program and was awarded the HP Circle Award.

    Kamila joined Equigroup (now a subsidiary of CHG-MERIDIAN) over 10 years ago as the General Manager of Asset Management and Services and was responsible for the end of lease and remarketing business across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the Nordics. Kamila is currently the local Sustainability Representative and Head of Marketing & Communications for both Equigroup and CHG-MERIDIAN in Australia and New Zealand.

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    Gain a local and international perspective on sustainability and why ESG is a key driver of growth.