About Equigroup


    Equigroup is a part of the International CHG-MERIDIAN Group, one of the internationally leading manufacturer and bank independent technology managers in the IT, industrial and healthcare technology sectors.

    Established in 1990, our goal was to help organisations manage their technology assets more effectively. Since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength, expanding our offering and partnering with established international organisations to give our customers an even stronger value proposition. Here’s a quick look at how we got here:

    1990: Our founders developed a market leading asset management system used to track healthcare equipment.

    1996: We entered the distributed asset space with our first large technology finance transaction for over 5,000 devices.

    1998: We launched a strategic alliance with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) and established a distribution capability.

    2000: We started to expand internationally and introduced our asset lifecycle management solution to international customers.

    2007: We launched an offering specifically for the healthcare sector.

    2008: The CBA became a major shareholder.

    2011: We launched our 24/7 cloud-based asset management system TheAssetAdvantage.

    2014: We established NF Techfleet in the Nordics to support our existing commercial partnership with Nordea Finance.

    2018: CHG-MERIDIAN acquired a 100% shareholding of Equigroup, and we established Westpac NZ as a funding partner.


    Our partnership with CBA lets us provide technology and healthcare financing solutions that include asset management and residual value investment to a broad range of customers in the Australian market. We work with the CBA to provide flexibility that lets customers respond effectively to changing conditions and improve the efficiency of their balance sheet through intelligent structured finance solutions.

    Having such a strong financing partner gives Equigroup customers peace of mind that their equipment financing is competitive and reliable.


    With the acquisition of Equigroup Holdings Pty Limited in 2018, Equigroup is now part of the CHG-MERIDIAN group.

    The international Group has been planning, implementing and financing customised technology infrastructures since 1979.

    As one of the internationally leading manufacturer and bank independent technology managers in the IT, industrial and healthcare technology sectors, 12,000 customers – including corporations, SMEs and the public sector – rely on CHG-MERIDIAN to manage their technology infrastructures in a holistic, user-oriented and digital way. Based on the concept of the circular economy, the service portfolio ranges from planning, operational implementation and financing, through to certified data erasure, refurbishing and remarketing of used equipment at two in-house technology centres in Germany and Norway as well as through an international network of certified refurbishing partners.

    With around 1,100 employees, CHG-MERIDIAN has an international presence and operates in 27 countries. By the end of 2019, it financed and managed a total technology portfolio of €6.88 billion. Headquarters is in Weingarten, Germany.

    Visit www.chg-meridian.com to learn more.


    We endeavour to set new trends in technology management with our extensive service offering, because we want to be the first port of call for customers when it comes to optimising their technology investments.


    Our expertise will be aligned with the changing market conditions, brought about by the digital transformation, Industry 4.0, and the sharing economy. We will take on a greater responsibility to bring projects to fruition with agility, speed, and flexibility.


    Understand our customers business priorities.

    Create value through Intelligent Technology Finance Solutions

    Exceeding our customers and our partners expectations.