We recently reached out to one of our customers, a leading Infrastructure company across the South Pacific.  This customer is a regular user of our industry leading lease and asset management system TheAssetAdvantage™.  We asked them about their experience of working with Equigroup.

    Here is what they had to say:

    What was your team’s process for acquiring and managing your technology prior to using our product?

    Previously assets were purchased outright, and were regionally managed. There was no overall, group asset management process for computer devices.

    How does the Equigroup product help your team or organisation achieve its objectives?

    TheAssetAdvantage has allowed us to centrally manage all our assets, which has resulted in clearer reporting as to region, location, OS, and usage. From an overall capital and cash flow perspective, it has also been a winning process.

    What is your advice to others who might be considering our product?

    Learn all you can about TheAssetAdvantage as a tool. It is multi layered and the functionalities you can then use are infinitely valuable to business operations.

    What do you value most about working with Equigroup?

    The support and engagement from the team are very valuable to us a customer.

    Are there any suggestions you have for how we can serve you better or improve our product?

    More of a road map of TheAssetAdvantage and more ability for customer paying development.