What is your IT carbon footprint? Answer a few simple questions about your IT environment to discover the carbon impact of your workplace technology. You will receive a report that details the carbon emissions of your devices by category and how you can reduce your impact. Take the assessment now and take a crucial step towards carbon-neutrality.

    How can my IT devices become carbon-neutral?

    Many companies have made commitments to becoming more sustainable, but there are challenges to meeting those targets.

    Measuring the carbon emissions of workplace technology is an essential step in taking the path to sustainable IT. Many organisations already consider their Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. However, indirect, upstream and downstream Scope 3 emissions are time-consuming and difficult to capture. Soon, Scope 3 will be mandatory to report on… is your organisation ready?


    Answer a few questions about your IT environment

    Using certified methodology, the assessment calculates your carbon impact

    Instantly receive your personalised IT carbon footprint report


    How we can help

    We help our customers manage their technology investments efficiently and sustainably through intelligent finance structures, innovative tools and seamless lifecycle management services. Through carbonZER0, our certified carbon-neutral leasing upgrade for IT devices, our customers transition to a carbon-neutral IT fleet with no additional effort required. Through our refurbishing and remarketing capabilities, our customers join the circular economy and drive ESG performance.

    Equigroup is a part of the International CHG-MERIDIAN Group, one of the internationally leading independent technology managers in the IT, industrial, and healthcare technology sectors.

    As of 2021, Equigroup and CHG-MERIDIAN have been carbon neutral. To achieve this, we avoid, reduce, or offset all CO₂ emissions generated by its business activities.