Thinking outside the square.

    How intelligent financing models can satisfy diverse interests 

    ‘Intelligent’ and ‘financing’ are two words rarely used together. Haven’t we already established what all the financing options are? 

    Intelligent concepts doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel – its more about combining and using the available tools optimally. Customising structured financing models help to bring together the technical requirements on the one hand, and the commercial implementation on the other are where it becomes intelligent.   

    The CIO demands innovation and is willing to take risks. The CFO wants sustainable growth with a minimum of risk. Can these positions be reconciled? 

    Flexibility, transparency, understanding each point of view and treating each other as equals are key to this. Fortunately, specific methods and tools make it much easier to reconcile these divergent interests. For example, freeing up capital to allow for large scale technology investments to drive innovation can address both needs. Being able to leverage a technology management platform that makes the costs and billing transparent, thereby creating a shared understanding throughout the infrastructure can be a bridge to meet in the middle. 

    Why should organisations work with a vendor-independent partner? 

    Only a reliable partner that can connect commercial aspects and technology strategy, and understand how it is leveraged within an organisation, to generate the trust necessary to explore innovative solutions. Above all, it is essential that this partner is independent of manufacturers and has the interests of the customer at heart.