For over 30 years, we have helped our customers manage their technology investments efficiently through intelligent finance structures, innovative tools and seamless life cycle management services.

    Trust Worthy

    Strong partnerships, long term relationship focus and over 30 years in the market


    Our team of specialists have deep domain expertise in technology and healthcare finance structures


    Our in-house developed lease and asset management platform is market leading and delivers visibility and control

    intelligent technology finance

    We work closely with you to structure a technology finance solution that has the right mix of flexibility and intelligent solutions that deliver real benefits

    To compete effectively in a digital world, your business needs the right technology. Balancing your technology needs against your budget and resource planning can be challenging.

    We understand that you have specific requirements to match your business goals. We’re here to help you:


    • get the right equipment from the start
    • manage equipment throughout its life cycle for maximum return on investment
    • securely dispose of your assets in an environmentally responsible manner when they reach the end of their useful life.


    We can deliver the most innovative healthcare financing structures including Pay Per Patient and Pay Per Treatment options.


    We lead the market in education finance with our preferred financier status and decades of experience in all levels of education.


    Federal, state and local governments rely on us to simplify the acquisition and management of their technology investments.


    From medium to large enterprises, we cover all industries across a wide range of asset classes to deliver efficient technology management.



    The cost and complexity of managing a fleet of technology assets can quickly spiral out of control. This means you could be losing money on assets that no longer provide value. You could even be paying for assets that you don’t know about. If your capital is tied up in fixed technology assets, you could also be missing opportunities to drive business growth.

    A life cycle based technology usage model can help you solve all of these challenges with one simple contract. 

    Our intelligent finance solutions let you:


    • access the latest technology so your team can maintain high levels of productivity
    • turn large capital expenditure into more manageable operational expenses via easy leasing arrangements
    • keep technology costs under control so you can maximise return on investment
    • include life cycle management services into your monthly rental payment giving you a true usage model
    • gain full visibility into all of your assets and how they are used, regardless of where they sit in your organisation.


    Why equigroup?

    We bring transparency, integrity, and many years of commercial experience as a trusted technology management partner. We make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for and that you’re only ever paying for what you really need.

    We make having the right technology simple and cost effective.


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